Refund Policies

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The technical support subscription plans offered by HP Printer Technical Support requires at least minimum of twelve months warranty period and could be refunded within 30 days since the subscription plan is active. However depends on the companies’ discretion and its management of the virtues of any specific case. If the client is not satisfied with our services and we haven’t fixed even a single issue from the subscription plan date the amount can be refunded in full or partial & and we will do the hard efforts to resolve the customer issues as soon as possible. And if the client still not happy with the services provided by HP Printer Tech Support Number then we will follow 30 days money back policy under the following terms and conditions.

For small and annual business plans

  • If client requested for the refund within 1st 30 days of subscription then full refund will be initiated.
  • If the client has subscribed one time support or single incident then in any circumstances refund policy is not applicable.
  • And once the 30 days is completed from subscription date no money will be refunded to the client it will deemed as client is satisfied with the services.

Refund can be done in the following circumstances

  • When the client has all the pre-requisites which were needed to fix the issues and that was not fixed even your subscription account was active.
  • There would not be a closed ticket or resolved issues in the past for unlimited technical support plans.
  • The last worked upon by HP Printer Technical support services. And 30 days have not been passed.

Software data backup

Clients that subscribe the security plans must understand HP Printer Customer Support Company will not be responsible and liable for any data loss and software corruption in any circumstances. HP Printer Tech Support Company always suggests its customers to keep maintain their backup of the data and our technical support recovery plan. After subscribing the security plan clients have to submit their plan orders details including account login, password and security details they have to complete the registration procedure with full up to date and correct information as required and can be asked at the time of registration process. Clients have options to create user name and passwords as per their requirements and they independently responsible for retaining the privacy of their information including login password and account details.

Furthermore client is also responsible independently for all kind of activities within his or her account. You accept to inform HP Printer Support immediately for any kind of un authorize use of your account and breach of other kind of secured access. HP Printer Helpline will not be responsible for any kind of data loss or misconduct that happens because of anyone else using your account details either with or without your permission. Though only the client will be responsible for such losses suffered by or anyone else using your account details. And client is also not permitted to use any account details of other clients without legal permission of its original owner.

Backup of Data

The client is independently responsible for keeping and prereserving all the information including text data and other important information stored into application & software before choosing our services. You accept the terms and condition you acknowledge that HP Printer Help or its any of the is not personally liable or responsible for anything in any circumstances at any point of time for any corruption of computer data, software and hardware problems and other data loss that may occur during the services. The privacy policy available on this site disclose the statement how HP Printer Tech Support company protects and secure your information that you shared with HP Printer Technical Help company at the time of registration on this website with us.

HP Printer Support Company ensures that your details and information’s are fully secure and safe in any kind of miss use. In case if the clients requested to provide such confidential information that discloses your personal identity to use our website, then as per the privacy policy it can be used by HP Printer Support for this particular website. HP Printer Support Company is completely authorized to change and modify these policy statements on this website on regular basis by updating the WebPages. For the acceptance of the changes under policy of this website you must read and check the policy statements on regular basis.