Terms & Conditions

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If on this website any of the violation of terms & condition will lead to the termination of the contract of account completely. The portfolio of our technical support company HP Printer Technical Support would be made at the discretion of the client. The printer support services is provided by us on as is and as available basis. Our printer technical support services are only available to clients who have been subscribed the subscription based plans. But there is also a free support available only for specific customers who are not able to pay and aged peoples.

Customer also can avail the services through phone, chat support & email support as well as. The company has full right to remove any unlawful content on this site if found with the client which is enough to delete the account of the customer permanently. HP Printer Customer Service Company can use the3rd party vendors and hosting services for providing the many necessary services towards our company. The clients transferring the content in an unauthorized manner should take a note.

Cancellation & Termination

Before the end of paid up month if the client cancel the services it will considered the cancellation of the services and client would not be charges in the future. The customers data are saved in the various dedicated servers as when we the need comes up in the near future. It is completely depends on customers will for the cancellation of the account and only the customer will be responsible for it. In case of any account cancellation request from customer the cancellation request will first forward to the account cancellation team or manager also the customer will receive the notification and update about his account cancellation status.

  • If the customer found while using the illegal software than our technical support company HP Printer Customer Support will cancel the account permanently.
  • HP Printer Customer Care carries all rights to refuse and cancel the services that arise from Un-authorize access. There will be no access to pc services after cancel the account

Content Ownership and Copyright

HP Printer Support has the complete right to remove and delete the un-authorize and illegal content from the website the data and information shared with HP Printer Helpline will be the intellectual property on the individual or the third party in that case we will not own any of the copy rights.